Prevent School Bullying.

Would you agree that bullying has gotten out of control?

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Bullying has gotten way out of control. It makes you feel isolated, insecure and often times fearful and afraid. What exactly is bullying? A bully will harm intimidate and criticize their victim. Often times kids who have a popular status in school often find it amusing to target other children which causes them to feel shame or embarrassment.

Many years ago I was a victim of bullying. Bullying was different then and it was nothing like it is now. I still felt isolated, alone and I hated going to school. I think the teachers back then were more focused on teaching and they had no prevention strategies in place. Bullying back then was more like being mean by teasing and name calling. Kids fought after school to defend themselves and that was the end of it.

There is a difference between bullying and just being mean. Saying mean things to someone a few times or calling them a name that they do not like is not a form of bullying. Bullying is ongoing and is tormenting behavior that is also aggressive . The question is.. what are teachers doing about it ? Is there anything parents can do to help take a stand?Read on and we will dive a little deeper about different ways to prevent it.

5 Anti-Bullying Strategies

Learn strategies to help stop bullying. What works and what doesn’t.

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Are anti-bullying strategies effective? Well some are highly effective and some aren’t. Some school districts try different strategies by spending millions each year trying to stop bullying. Is it worth the money or are they wasting their time on strategies that don’t work? So what strategies are effective? Well for one thing gathering a bunch of students of all age groups in the school gym for an hour long lecture is not going to cut it. Below are five strategies that will help.

Effective Strategies

  • Communicate with kids Parents need to tell their kids the importance of talking to them about how they feel and what is going on in school. Sometimes kids may feel afraid or think the problem will get worse if they speak up. Ask them questions about their day, about their friends or if they ever feel like they do not want to be in school.
  • Teach Kids to be kind and respectful– Kids watch the behavior of their parents. Be a good example of being kind and respectful to others. Talk to your kids about the importance of treating others respectfully. When kids see their parents being respectful and being kind to other people, they will want to model their behavior.
  • Be involved in the lives of your kids Talk to the teachers if you notice a change in behavior. Go to different functions the school has. Get to know the principal and other school officials.
  • Get to know other parents – Meet other parents during school functions and talk about what is going on at the school. Exchange numbers with them so you can keep in touch.
  • Encouragement– Encourage your children to have confidence in themselves to use their voice and tell the bully to back off.

Questions to ask

It is important to ask your kids questions to find out if they understand what bullying is and how it is affecting them.

  • What do you think it means to be a bully?
  • How do you feel about talking to your teachers if your’re being bullied?
  • Have you or your friends ever tried to help a kid who was being bullied?
  • Have you ever reached out to a new kid in your class and tried to make friends?
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More than one out of every five students admit being victims of bullying. Kids need to learn the importance of showing respect to others even if they are different from them. We can still do our part by teaching kids how to take a stand.

What are your thoughts? Have you been a victim of bullying? Do you have different strategies that are effective? Feel free to leave a comment.

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